Wellness Testing and Why Should You Consider It

Whether you want to order lab tests online, or to visit a clinic in person for your blood work, wellness testing is a convenient way to gain invaluable insight on your body and learn about the diet changes, exercises and possible treatments you might require in order to achieve perfect health.

Wellness testing is a series of medical testing procedures performed on individuals who are not suffering from any known ailments. While the primary goal is to assess the overall medical condition of the person, wellness testing can also lead to the early discovery of potentially harmful medical conditions that don’t display any visible signs or symptoms in their early stages.

Wellness Testing Without a Physician’s Order

Lab work and wellness testing go hand in hand, and nowadays you can get both of them without a physician’s order at some facilities. Certain hospitals can help you with comprehensive blood tests, online registration and a host of benefits that aren’t available anywhere else.

Tests can include either only blood work or a complete physical exam that provides you with data on blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol levels among many other parameters.

Also, most hospitals offering wellness testing will provide you with advice from a qualified physician who will look through your results and point out any areas where improvement might be necessary. You will also be encouraged to take the results back to your doctor and discuss any lifestyle or diet changes that could enhance your health.

The Key Benefits of Wellness Testing

• The testing procedure providers you with important insight on your blood work and overall physical health, that will help you determine whether or not you’re in optimal shape.
• Aside from blood tests checking for cholesterol and triglyceride levels, you’ll also gain significant information on factors like your body mass index, which will show you how close (or far) you are from your ideal weight.
• Wellness screenings are usually done for free at companies to ensure that employees are in good health. If the company you’re working for organizes wellness testing, you can get a free check-up during your work day even if your schedule is normally too busy to allow for regular check-ups.
• A wellness testing session is quick and painless, lasting no more than half an hour in most cases. Also, most facilities can provide you with fast test results, or may even allow you to buy lab tests online for added convenience.

Parameters You Can Learn About

In most cases, wellness testing can provide you with a wealth of information about your body. The blood work included is extensive, and covers everything from basic cholesterol checks (including LDL and HDL levels), blood sugar and triglyceride levels, to lesser known testing procedures for assessing cortisol levels, detecting candidiasis or even checking for heavy metals like lead, cadmium or mercury.

As you can see, wellness testing can be invaluable when it comes to fine tuning the parameters of your body and reaching perfect health. Also, with fast blood testing online, you can be sure that any unwanted problems will be detected and dealt with as quickly and conveniently as possible.