Hereditary Disease and Health Conditions

Telling your kids that they might be suffering from a hereditary disease is never easy, but it can be necessary, especially if your doctor confirms your suspicions. A simple medical testing procedure like an online blood test will tell you all you need to know and provide you with additional insight about other possible conditions or problems that could be involved.


Inherited Conditions to Consider


Some diseases are easier to get than others, but when it comes to hereditary conditions, you can never be too sure about which of them your son or daughter contracts – or may be more prone to – until you get some tests done. Before you consider blood work and other tests, here are a few of the hereditary health problems you should definitely keep in mind:


  • It is very likely that, if you suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) during your lifetime, your children will get it as well. Fortunately, IBS symptoms are not too difficult to detect, and they can be dealt with through various lifestyle changes.
  • Allergies are also common hereditary problems, and there’s actually a 50/50 chance that your kid gets some or all of the allergies you’ve struggled with. A blood test will likely be recommended, if your child has severe symptoms like having trouble breathing.
  • The chance that you can pass on your eczema as a hereditary health condition is also about the same as with allergies. Fortunately, with eczema it’s easy to pinpoint the symptoms, and your pediatrician will likely recommend a common steroid cream to take care of the problem.
  • More serious health issues like diabetes, heart conditions and cancer are not always transmitted, but there is a chance that your child can be prone to them, if you’ve had them too. Occasional blood work and other medical testing practices can be performed to shed light on whether or not these conditions have been passed on, even if the symptoms aren’t always clear.


You can find out more about these conditions and keep track of your children’s progress if you simply order lab tests online at services like Quest Diagnostics, schedule appointment, and talk to the medical experts who organize the testing process about the likelihood of your children suffering from various conditions that you are struggling with.


How to Deal with the Possibility of Hereditary Warning Signs


If you have a detailed record of medical conditions you are suffering from – or have suffered from – and you know the signs you should look out for when it comes to keeping track of your children’s health, it’s easy to determine when it’s time to make an appointment with Quest Diagnostics or similar medical companies that can help you out with medical screening.


It’s important to avoid scaring your children, but also to make sure you educate them on the risk factors and prevention methods they can use in due time. If testing shows that your little one is prone to vision problems, obesity or conditions like diabetes, teaching them about healthy lifestyle choices and about the possible warning signs of the diseases in questions should help a great deal in the prevention process.