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Inflammatory Heart Testing Reveals Hidden Heart Attack/Stroke Risk

Thousands of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented—and millions of dollars in healthcare costs saved—if doctors used a new, more accurate screening strategy to identify at-risk patients, according to new research presented at the International Society of PharmacoEconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Annual Meeting in Quebec.

The study was the first to analyze clinical and financial outcomes of adding a multimarker blood test to standard cholesterol testing. The new test checks a sample of the patient’s blood for three inflammatory biomarkers that may signal future heart attack and stroke risk.

Researchers from Cleveland HeartLab (CHL) and economists from Analysis Group calculated that if a commercially insured U.S. health plan with one million members adopted this approach, 2,018 heart attacks and 1,848 strokes could potentially be avoided, resulting in $180.6 million in cost savings over five years, compared to outcomes if standard screening methods were used.

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